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Superior Protection Malaysia

Superior Protection Malaysia is a pioneer in the Malaysia security industry, operating nationwide.
We are guided by a unique culture and entrepreneurial spirit and enjoyed a rich heritage of service excellence rivaled by few in the contract security industry.

Its commitment to its clients was evidently achieved through management’s professionalism.

Security Guard Services

The kept an eye on guarding industry is continually developing, and we are pushed every year to give more an incentive to cash for our customers, while endeavoring to give a testing and remunerating condition for our representatives. We truly comprehend why our security administrations are so basic to the everyday activity of your business, however we likewise comprehend their more drawn out term key significance.

We call our comprehension of this our “Client Centric Strategy”, and we take additional time and utilize additional inside assets amid the assembly period of any new contract to guarantee the whole contract group completely comprehends why security administrations are being used and what is endeavoring to be accomplished. This enables our kin to be more engaged and roused and for Omni to guarantee and convey genuinely inventive and important administration.

Event Security

Security Protection Malaysia gives movement administration and group control administrations for indoor and open air occasions. This expertise was produced from a few noteworthy occasions around the nation, for example, shows of remote specialists. Superior Protection Malaysia can send occasion security work force whose essential target is to secure occasion members, craftsmen, coordinators and the general group of onlookers. Our men are equipped with proper preparing in swarm control, gun capability, non-deadly weapons and the utilization of correspondence hardware.


We Do One Thing, and We Do it Well

In an attempt to pad their bankrolls, some companies try to be all things to all clients by offering a wide array of add-on services, like investigations, access control systems and CCTV systems. The result can be a mix of mediocre services with no real exceptional service. At Superior Protection Services, we focus our efforts strictly on the implementation and management of on-site security officer programs, tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. We recognize the need for these services, but we’d rather refer our clients to an independent firm specializing in those additional needs so that we can dedicate ourselves to the single task of bringing you the finest possible on-site security officer program.

We Listen to Your Needs

Another advantage of being privately owned, locally based and consistently staffed is the ability to offer one-on-one attention. We’ll sit down with you to understand your needs, assess your vulnerabilities, and recommend the best response with a program that meets your security, public relations and budget objectives. We can also respond immediately to any problems or changes in your needs.